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What you'll learn

Imagine learning a "Universal Communication Model" that could help you:

  • Dramatically improve the effectiveness of marketing, advertising, public relations, and business communication -
    Imagine becoming a business rock star!
  • Build popularity for products, services, books, movies, websites, and almost any type of publication -
    In short, become wildly successful!
  • Clarify positions, ideas, and opinions in politics, government, religion, entertainment and culture -
    Learn the meaning of life!
  • Enhance individual communication, at work, in personal relationships, and with family and friends –
    Live a much happier life!

Sounds like marketing hyperbole, right? Nope. It's all in writing, and in this single, concise, easy to read book.

The world has a lot of business, marketing, and self-help books all with the same simple weakness - they are almost all written by one person with one perspective. 

One perspective that connects with one type of reader. In fact, just about every book has an addressable market of 22-25% of its potential and therefore misses 75-78% of its audience before it even hits the stands and the iPads. How is this possible? You guessed it: The Universal Communications Model.

Using this powerful model, you'll get:
  • A summary of every business book in 5 minutes
  • A summary of every self help book in exactly four sentences
  • Details on how to fix your relationships in 30 seconds
  • An explanation of the meaning of life and how to rule the world
Even if you're skeptical at this point, wouldn't you find out if it's useful to you at all? 

The truth is that Decoding People will help you learn how to improve just about any kind of communication: From having a marketing 'conversation' with a billion people or a personal conversation with just one.

The book also systematically details:
  • How to change your internal dialog to become happier and more successful
  • Techniques to better understand business and personal relationships
  • How to effectively manage and work with people in small groups
  • Techniques to improve the effectiveness of any type of mass communication

It's all possible when you start Decoding People. Get this book now!

Get the book now